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One way is go!

So, here we are. The book that’s been rattling round in my head for a few years, and on my PC for 21 months, now looks like a book. (In fact it’s done that for 7 of those 21 months.) Now I’ve plucked up the courage to put it out there. I ought to be feeling excitement or trepidation or … well, one of those powerful emotions. But all I'm getting is relief.

One way was pretty much done by June 2015. My loyal beta readers thought so. I thought so. But I wasn’t sure. So I put it aside in case I had become too close to be critical. In February 2016 I read it again and liked it. A lot.

So the relief is that, in my own estimation at least, I’ve finished it. If others like it too, that’ll be a lovely bonus. Meanwhile, I can’t wait to get stuck into the next one …

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