what clients say

Mark is a great consultant – he listens, listens some more and then draws on his deep expertise to develop proposals to meet/exceed the needs of his clients. He is then one of the most tenacious and energetic people I have ever worked with on delivering real outcomes and results – on time, within budget and, usually, ahead of expectations. He can be depended on any time to deliver a powerful mix of innovation and tangible results

Tim S


We have had many comments from the project team and the bidders saying how good the data room has been, we couldn’t have managed so many documents without it and so thanks for all you have done!

Andy S

… congratulate you on a job well done. We certainly couldn’t have done it without your dedication, technical wizardry and professionalism. At the end of the day the client is very pleased, so a big pat on the back for you Mark.

Adrian R

Thanks so much that was quick! I am thrilled with the website, it looks so much more professional and focused … I really like the new logo you have designed.

Emma L

I think Mark and everyone has done an incredibly good job at making something so complex and laborious as easy to navigate through as possible. And it looks good too!

Gilly S

Thanks Mark, you have always understood our needs and I have never experienced anyone to complete task so quickly. We have you to thank for our intelligent website that we can update ourselves and thanks for helping us implement online bookings

Greg G

Thanks once again for the work you have done Mark – really excellent, so quick and at a much better standard than I have ever experienced before.

Iain A

Some very famous websites / apps send us really poor data. Naturally, our API can’t return clean results from unclear requests, so these API users have error rates as high as 85%. Your error rate is around 0.5%. Full marks (and thanks).

Jonathan R

Everybody has really enjoyed working with you. I am so pleased! The result is very good too.

Laure V

Mark – our governance board and auditors have crawled over the site and declared it perfect, so please go live. Thanks for all your work – and, as ever, patience. A fantastic achievement.

Martin L

Thanks for this and for all your work. It’s been a real pleasure.

Matthew D

I am pleased to say we are continuing to get good press on this. RSS feed works and the usage report is perfect

Mike E

Many thanks for developing these web pages. It’s been a pleasure to work with you. I’m sure I will be in touch with you again in the future.

Neale F
(for the record, he was! – MI)

… my excitement that it has all moved so fast and well inside a week. Great stuff.

Paul M

Shy, retiring, your typical systems developer

Peter B
(with a big grin … I hope! – MI)


I’d like to thank you for the considerable work you have put in over the last four months - without which we would simply not have the quality and standard of course we now have today.

Andrew S

… has now been launched, and the feedback is very positive. People enjoy the experience and find it does challenge their thinking.

Elizabeth W

We had the UK premiere at the first UK train the trainer - great reaction! … they were sighing at the end of each clip saying “we want more!”

Gina C

Great course!! I’ve taken my time working my way through and really absorbing. Thanks for all the showing instead of telling.

Lila L

I’m amazed how you can write this and sequence it into two threads at the same time

Nicola A

You’re awesome, thanks!

Rachel M

the writing is very good

identified only as Reviewer B

I found that the course had many Yes! Yes! moments.

identified only as Reviewer C